Lip Liner Wooden/Waterproof Pencil

$ 17.50

Ladies, don’t be afraid of lip liner! Top Makeup Artists recommend that ethnic women wear lip liner to provide a polished and glammed look. Don’t worry, just gently shade-in the natural line of your lip without pressing to hard. Bring the line in a little while shading; therefore, it is a slightly thicker line. Don’t forget to blend!

Our Lip liners are fragrance-free, paraben free, some are waterproof, and premium quality pencils. A hypo-allergenic formula which treats sensitive lips and others with care. Dark Chocolate is a beautiful medium brown, Chestnut is reddish-brown, Plum Wine is deep plum, Tango is a fushia-plum, and Blackberry is the darkest plum.



       Chestnut            Plum Wine              Tango           Dark Chocolate      Blackberry