Magnetic Eyeliner (only wear with magnetic eyelashes)

$ 9.00

Magnetic Eyeliner is made from minerals and refined magnetic powder. 

How to Apply
1. Shake the eyeliner bottle before each use
2. Apply a generous amount of the Magnetic Eyeliner as you would normally apply your upper eyeliner.
3. Add the 2nd/3rd coat. It's important to ensure you apply enough Magnetic Eyeliner
4. Wait 2 minutes for the Magnetic Eyeliner to semi-dry. Lashes won't attach to the very wet liner.
5. Gently hold the lash to the eyeliner. The lash will magnetically adhere. Carefully adjust if needed. When you're happy with the placement, lightly press lash down to fully set it.
6. Close the eyeliner bottle tight after each use.

Note: Avoid contact inside the eyes. Do not wear into an MRI machine. Use makeup remover to remove the Magnetic Eyeliner from the eyes.