Hi-Definition  C10                                                     Hi-Definition C11 

                    Matte Dual Powder C10                                        Matte Dual Powder C10




                        Hi-Definition C10                                                         Hi-Definition C9

                  Matte Dual Powder C10                                             Matte Dual Powder C6


If you have ANY questions or concerns about choosing the right foundation color, please email us which can be found at the bottom of the page under "Contact Us", where we can further assist you in choosing the best color for your skin tone. A FREE sample(s) of your selected foundation color is available with your purchase of any product(s) from our website; therefore, you would NOT need to pay for extra shipping charges for a sample(s).  Request a FREE sample in your email on our “contact us” form.

Please upload a photo of yourself without makeup or filter. Your correct foundation will be chosen for you by one of our highly qualified Makeup Artist.


Which model represents your beautiful skin tone color? 



Hi-Definition C45                 Hi-Definition C57            Hi-Definition C6                Hi-Definition C95         

Matte Dual Powder C3     Matte Dual Powder C5   Matte Dual Powder C8    Matte Dual Powder C6



Hi-Definition C10                 Hi Definition C10                 Hi-Definition C11            Hi-Definition N10

Matte Dual Powder C9     Matte Dual Powder C10    Matte Dual Powder C10  Matte Dual Powder N10



Hi-Definition N11

Matte Dual Powder N11