Eye Shadow Intense

$ 17.50

If we don’t have it, then maybe you don’t need it!

Our highly-pigmented, fragrance-free, paraben free Eye Shadow Intense is available in two textures - flat matte and smooth pearl. Using only the finest micro powders available, allowing the creation of shadows that are non-ashy, easily blended, and long-wearing. A superior quality triple-milled eyeshadow that has an extensive color range, can be used wet or dry. According to our top makeup artist, eyeshadow intense is best worn on top of our Eye & Lip Primer. Gosh! So many gorgeous colors to choose from!

(M) Flat Matte   (P) Smooth Pearl    


  Straight up (P)              Foil (P)                  Jetliner (P)              Zoom (P)              Savannah (M)


    Bronze (P)              Blue velvet (M)        Lemonade (P)            Frisky (P)             Mushroom (M)


       Kitty (P)                  Turkish (P)            Au currant (M)           Jazzed (P)           Lemon drop (P)


Here are some beautiful combinations to get you started!

  • Lemonade and Jetliner
  • Foil and Frisky
  • Zoom and Savannah
  • Lemonade and Blue Velvet
  • Bronze and Mushroom
  • Lemon drop and Jazzed
  • Au currant and Frisky
  • Kitty and Turkish