$ 17.50

My makeup is not complete without one of these gorgeous lipsticks!

Our beautiful luscious Lipsticks are long lasting, fragrance-free, paraben free, and packed with antioxidant vitamin E which has soothing and healing properties, contains vanillin extract, with a stay-put application, and formulated with highly pigmented smooth textures. Available in 4 formulas: super-smooth (cream), super-sheer (hi-gloss), (pearl) that is creamy without too much high-frost and (flat-matte) without any shine.

(C) Cream    (H) Hi-gloss    (P) Pearl    (M) Matte



Here are a few lip combinations to get you started!

Ruby Ruby lipstick – Fire engine gloss – Chestnut lip liner

Malinda lipstick – Girl stuff gloss – Raisin lip liner

Passionate lipstick – Hedonism gloss – Raisin lip liner

Mirage lipstick– Sweetie pie gloss– Tango lip liner

Superstar lipstick – Upgrade Lip gloss -Tango lip liner

Plateaux lipstick –hedonism gloss– Raisin lip liner

Bonfire lipstick– Hot flash gloss – Walnut lip liner

Diva lipstick – Hot lips gloss – Raisin lip liner

Bellbottom lipstick – Paint job gloss – Deep plum lip liner

Doobie doo lipstick – Short shorts - Walnut lip liner